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IT & Comms > IT Products > Connectivity > Hardware
CAT. NO. XC4843
  RRP $129.00
PCMCIA Fingerprint ID for Laptops

PCMCIA Fingerprint ID for Laptops

Protect sensitive information on your laptop from unauthorised personnel with this fingerprint ID access control. It simply slides into the PCMCIA slot in your laptop and utilises biometric technology to identify authorised users of the computer. It also locks the computer under the screen saver and can be used for file/folder encryption.

While it won't stop some low-life from stealing your expensive laptop, it will mean it can't be used by the thief. Mainly intended for laptops, it can be used on any computer with a PCMCIA slot

System requirements:
 Pentium II 300 or higher
50MB HDD space
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Internet Explorer 6.0
Dimensions: 90(L) x 54(W) x 4.8(H)mm

This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $59.00
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