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Tools, Components & Cable > Test & Measurement > Environmental Meters > Other Environment Meters
CAT. NO. QM1621
  RRP $169.00
Professional Laser Distance Meter

Professional Laser Distance Meter

Not just an accurate distance meter, this comprehensive measurement tool also adds, subtracts and calculates area, volume and takes indirect measurements. The memory stores up to 20 historical records and these can be used for area and volume calculations. Thanks to some dude called Pythagoras, the indirect measurement function means you can, for example, measure the length or height of a wall from a distance away if you are unable to get access to it. This has obvious time-saving as well as safety benefits. This tool will be invaluable for architects, estimators, builders or renovators and will pay for itself in no time. 

• Area and volume calculations
• Add/subtract measurements
• Continuous measurement
• Min/max distance tracking
• Backlit LCD
• Laser accuracy
• Batteries and case included

• Range: 0.05 - 50m
• Accuracy: ±1.5mm
• Units: metres, feet, inches
• Dimensions: 110(L) x 47(W) x 28(H)mm

This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $149.00
  3+ $133.95
  6+ $118.95
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