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Power & Energy > Batteries, Chargers, Inverters,Plugpacks etc > Power Monitoring > Power Meters
CAT. NO. MS6165
  RRP $119.00
Mains Power Monitor with USB interface

Mains Power Monitor with USB interface

With electricity costs consistently on the rise, it really pays to know just how much energy your home is really using. By using this power monitor, you are able to monitor the energy consumption of your entire home and see just how much electricity your appliances use, empowering you to save on your power bill. A transmitter and sensor unit is installed into your meter box, and wirelessly transmits your power usage data to the indoor display unit, which displays real time power, cost and CO2 emissions as well as daily high and low usage readings, and monthly and yearly totals. With the real time power display, you can see the effect of turning off individual appliances that sit in standby (such as TVs, HiFi, computers), and work out just how of an effect that has on your power bills - it can be quite significant when you add it up! The unit stores up to 2 years of data, which can be downloaded via USB to your computer for further analysis to help you really scrutinise and save on power bills - maybe you'll even catch out the kids turning on the air-con each afternoon before you get home.
As they say, the greenest watt is the one saved.
It's also the cheapest!

• Uses 433MHz to wirelessly transmit data
• Transmitter is battery operated (2xD, included)
• Display unit uses mains adaptor
• Display can also use 3 x AAA batteries for short periods (included)
• Displays power, cost, CO2 and temperature
• Cost can be calculated using up to 3 tarrif rates
• Works on single and 3-phase systems (3-phase requires additional sensor pack, MS-6166)

• Max sensor current: 100A
• Min sensitivity: 0.1A
• Transmission range: up to 40m


This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $99.00
  4+ $88.95
  10+ $78.95
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