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Power & Energy > Batteries, Chargers, Inverters,Plugpacks etc > Power Supply > Laboratory/Bench
CAT. NO. MP3094
  RRP $399.00
1V TO 16V DC 0-40A Regulated Switchmode Laboratory Power Supply

1V TO 16V DC 0-40A Regulated Switchmode Laboratory Power Supply

A high powered switchmode power supply that delivers up to 40 amps. It has a variable output voltage from 1 to 16VDC and variable current from 0 to 40A with a dual action (coarse/fine) microprocessor controlled rotary encoder tuning for smooth, precise and fast settings. Banana sockets on the front provide up to 5A output and heavy duty binding posts on the rear for larger current applications. A control mode switch on the rear allows the user to select between Normal, Preset (5V, 13.8 or 15VDC), Set (User-defined) modes for quick access to frequently used VI settings, or Remote Control. The remote control feature offers a wide range or operation possibilities for sophisticated applications to adjust the voltage, current and on/off control (Additional components are necessary, which are explained in the user manual). An intelligent fan control program checks the fan at power on and adapts the right speed to ensure a quiet and efficient operation, and the isolated ground construction allows parallel or series connection of additional power supplies. 

• High RFI immunity and excellent EMI
• Overload, short circuit, over temperature and tracking over voltage protected

• Variable output voltage: 1V DC to 16VDC
• Variable output current: 0A to 40A
• Max. output current 40 Amps (continuous)
• Ripple & noise: 5mV rms
• Load regulation: 50mV @ 10 - 100% load.
• Measures 200(W) x 90(H) x 215(L)mm.
• Incredibly light, weighing only 2.6Kgs.
• Switchmode

  1+ $399.00
  3+ $359.00
  6+ $319.00
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