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Power & Energy > Batteries, Chargers, Inverters,Plugpacks etc > Chargers > SLA/GEL Chargers
CAT. NO. MB3604
  RRP $79.95
12V 5-Stage Car & Motorbike Maintenance Charger (0.8A / 3.8A, IP65 rated)

12V 5-Stage Car & Motorbike Maintenance Charger (0.8A / 3.8A, IP65 rated)

This 5-stage fully automatic switchmode battery maintenance charger is the perfect companion for any car or motorbike enthusiast.
Three different modes of operation make this charger suitable for all types of sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries - wet cell, gel cell, and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries ranging in capacity from 1.2Ah to 120Ah.

The micro-computer controlled circuitry will diagnose the battery's state of charge, provide the correct charging mode, eventually switching over to float/maintenance charge to keep the battery at full charge and eliminate battery sulphation. This charger can also recover slightly sulphated batteries as low as 7.5V, and will even charge batteries in sub-zero temperatures.

The interchangeable lead sets allows a charging lead to be permanently attached to your battery for quick connection/disconnection of the charger - a must have for motorbikes with hard to reach battery terminals or that classic car that spends most its life in the garage!

100% safe to leave connected to your vehicle's battery for months on end, with no damage to your vehicle or battery.

• Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
• Anti-spark protection
• Dust & splash proof (IP65 rated)
• Standby, fault, mode selection and charging LED indicators
• 1.8m mains input cable
• 1.8m charging cable, with interchangeable fly leads (ring terminals or alligator clips)
• Mounting feet for wall mounting

• 3 different charging modes:
• MODE 1: 14.4V / 0.8A, for motorbike batteries
• MODE 2: 14.4V / 3.8A, for car batteries
• MODE 3: 14.7V / 3.8A, for AGM batteries and sub-zero temperatures
• Dimensions: 175(L) x 60(D) x 45(H)mm

Approval Number: Q070702

MB3604_manual.pdf MB3604 - product info flyer.pdf
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  2+ $71.95
  4+ $63.95
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