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Security & Surveillance > Alarm & Asset Protection > Home & Commercial Alarms > Pro Panels & Packages
CAT. NO. LA5369
  RRP $299.00
GSM Interface Module for LA-5368 Alarm System

GSM Interface Module for LA-5368 Alarm System

Don't leave your alarm screaming for attention when you can't hear it! This powerful unit interfaces with the LA-5368 10-sector alarm system to enable even more features. The unit allows the alarm system to receive commands and send notifications via SMS over the GSM network. It can store up to three mobile phone numbers, which are then notified if the alarm is triggered.

A great feature is the remote arm/disarm function. It allows you to send an SMS (from an authorised number) to arm and/or disarm the panel remotely. No worrying about "Did I turn the alarm on?" when you head on holidays, or late night trips to the office to check it's secure. Simply send an SMS and it's done!

Features tamper protection, and is powered by the LA-5368 alarm system.


Standard Ethernet cables have 8 internal conductors with defined colours. There have been two standards over the years a) EIA-568-A and b) EIA-568-B for straight through cables with the B version being the more recent. Unfortunately, the pinout/ colour code is quite different for the A and B type cables. Please refer to the Wiring Guide for assistance.

LA5369 Wiring Guide 120528.pdf LA5369_interface_wiring_guide2.pdf
  1+ $249.00
  2+ $225.00
  4+ $198.95
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