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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Electronic Project Kits > General
CAT. NO. KC5445
  RRP $42.95
Jacob's Ladder High Voltage Display Kit MK2

Jacob's Ladder High Voltage Display Kit MK2

Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine April 2007
With this kit and the purchase of a 12V ignition coil (available from auto stores and parts recyclers), create an awesome rising ladder of noisy sparks that emits the distinct smell of ozone. This improved circuit is suited to modern high power ignition coils and will deliver a spectacular visual display.  Inspired by the good doctor's laboratory in the Frankenstein movie, use this kit for theatre special effects or just to impress your friends. Kit includes PCB, pre-cut wire/ladder and all electronic components.

> 12V automotive ignition coil and case not included
> 12V car battery, 7Ah SLA or >5Amp DC power supply required and not included.

Warning: The Jacobs Ladder Kit uses potentially dangerous voltage.

  1+ $42.95
  5+ $38.45
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