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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Electronic Project Kits > Control & Automation
CAT. NO. KA1732
  RRP $19.95
The Flexitimer Kit

The Flexitimer Kit

Ref. Electronics Australia March 1991

Now in it's third revision by Jaycar, the flexitimer uses a 555 timer coupled with a binary counter to create a simple and consistent timing circuit. In the original one-shot mode the timer will count up to the set point and switch the relay once. In the additional interval mode the timer will continue switching the relay at each recurrence of the set point. The circuit can be set at 11 time points with the minimum being 7 seconds and each step doubling the time to a maximum of 2 hours. Other times are possible by changing components C1, R1, and R2. Features of the third revision include a restarting the one-shot mode from an external switch or signal, a more energy efficient design, and space on the PCB for terminal blocks (not included).

• Requires 12- 15V DC (use Cat. MP-3146 plugpack
• Optional UB5 case (Cat. HB-6015
• PCB Dimensions: 74(L) x 47(W)mm

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  5+ $17.70
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