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Tools, Components & Cable > Enclosures & Panel Hardware > Rack Mount & Other > Metal Rack
CAT. NO. HB5120
  RRP $69.95
1 Unit - Pro Grade 19inch Rack Style Equipment Enclosure

1 Unit - Pro Grade 19inch Rack Style Equipment Enclosure

Complies with Standard IEC 297 / EIA RS- 310 C- 1977 / DIN 41494.
Each cabinet is made from phosphated steel and coated with a dark grey enamel. The colour matched rack front panel is in 3mm aluminium with extruded handles. The rear panel is aluminium as well. The top, bottom and sides of each cabinet are liberally punched with ventilation holes. All screw fasteners are metal thread - not self tappers. Top, bottom, front and rear of enclosure can be separately removed without affecting the integrity of the cabinet. Each enclosure comes with punched internal rail bars to facilitate PCB, transformer, filter capacitor etc, mounting independent of cover panels. Each cabinet also features an internal sub panel (1.5mm enamelled aluminium which
is adjustable from 0- 20mm from the back of the front panel. This panel is ideal for mounting panel hardware (no screws need appear on front panel). Rear panel is also adjustable 0- 20mm inwards. The entire cabinet is packed flat for convenient transport. Rubber mounting feet are provided.

Dimensions in mm (all units 482.6mm wide):
Panel height 43.7
Cabinet height 38.7
Cabinet depth 245
  1+ $69.95
  4+ $62.95
  10+ $55.95
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