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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Books & Magazines > General Electronics Books
CAT. NO. BM7106
  RRP $36.95
Electronics Demystified

Electronics Demystified

Part of the popular Demystified series, this book teaches you electronics theory, it does not include projects. If you have enjoyed the Short Circuits or Fun Way Project books and want to know more, this is your next book. It places all that project experience on a sound technical grounding. It avoids heavy mathematical formulae, but, be warned there are equations in this book. They are not seriously hard though!

The book starts at simple D.C. circuits, goes through A.C. circuits, impedance, reactance, Power Supply concepts, semiconductor basics, amplifiers, oscillators, RF, telecommunications and finishes on antennas. At the end of each chapter is a straightforward quiz (multiple choice) to make sure you are on top of concepts.

This is the best-written technical book on novice to moderately advanced electronics we have seen. Read this book and understand it, you are a serious techo. 468 pages. Dimensions: 230 x 185mm.

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