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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Books & Magazines > Other Books
CAT. NO. BC1000
  RRP $39.95
Still Walking Book by Bill Moss

Still Walking Book by Bill Moss

As a senior Macquarie Bank executive, Bill Moss AM built a global business in real estate finance, development and funds management that stretched across five continents, creating thousands of jobs and making billions of dollars for the Bank’s investors, shareholders and staff.

But up until a few years before deciding to retire from the ‘Millionaire Factory’, Moss fought every step of the way to conceal a grim personal secret from his colleagues, business associates and friends - and most of all from himself.

When he was 27, Moss was told by doctors he had a degenerative and incurable muscle-wasting disease, a form of muscular dystrophy called FSHD, which the ambitious young businessman was assured would leave him crippled and in a wheelchair by the age of 50.

These memoirs are the inspirational, moving, blunt and at times very funny account of how a senior and seemingly all-powerful Macquarie banker struggled for years through physical discomfort, pain and the many barriers thrown in the path of people with physical disabilities, not just to rise to the international heights of a notoriously difficult profession but also gradually to face and come courageously to terms with his disability.

Today, Bill Moss is a committed philanthropist, passionate campaigner for disability rights, and the founder of a global medical and scientific research foundation bringing hope to FSHD and other dystrophy sufferers around the world.

100% of all profits from the sale of Still Walking will go to support two very deserving charitable foundations in Australia. You can buy Still Walking knowing you are contributing to a better future for people with physical disabilities in Australia.

* Paperback

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