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Audio & Video > Home Audio & Video > AV Transmitters > 5.8GHz AV Senders
CAT. NO. AR1849
  RRP $249.00
5.8GHz AV Sender Experimenters Kit with IR Receivers

5.8GHz AV Sender Experimenters Kit with IR Receivers

All AV sender transmitters are limited to strict controls and output power. This unit is for qualified and licenced amateur radio experimenters only as it has ten times the output power of standard units (100mW). In keeping with the experimental nature of the unit, it is not ready to plug in. Several parts such as the supplied RCA sockets need to be soldered in. It also doesn't come with a set of cases. It uses a standard 9V adaptor that comes with the unit. The extra power works well with experiments in, say concrete buildings with lots of reinforcing steel. In all respects except out put power, it's identical to AR-1840.

• Video input: Composite for NTSC or PAL
• IR frequency: 433.92MHz
• IR modulation: ASK
• IR carrier: 30 - 60kHz
• Range: Up to 300m (line of sight)
• Operating frequency: 5.76 - 5.86GHz (6 channels)
• Transmission power: 20 dBm (100mW)
• Receiver sensitivity: -85dBm
• Operating voltage: 9VDC
• Power consumption: TX max. 500mA @9V
• RX : max. 400mA @9V
• Dimensions: TX/RX PCB 111(L) x 62(W)mm

Caution: This product requires further assembly, which assumes technical competence. If you fee that this may be above your skill level, please return the unit in its original packaging, with receipt, under our standard satisfaction guarantee terms. Once construction or soldering has begun we will not accept the unit back under any circumstances.

This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $99.00
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