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Primers - Exclusive to Jaycar Electronics

(Primer n. any small book of basic instruction.)

Here you will find extensive primers and valuable application notes on many subjects.

QV3028 ACtiveX Settings
FILE DOWNLOAD: QV3028_ActiveX_Settings.pdf

ZG6500 Geiger Counter Silicon Chip Article 1995

Download here

TECH NOTE - JAU20-14 About DMX512
FILE DOWNLOAD: JAU20-14 About DMX512.pdf

TECH NOTE - JAU20-17 Use of UHF CB Radios
FILE DOWNLOAD: JAU20-17 Use of UHF CB Radios.pdf

Ferrite Material Cross-Reference
FILE DOWNLOAD: Ferrite Material Cross-Reference.pdf

HIK Made Easy QV3044/45 DVR Help

TECH NOTE - JAU20-21 - Explanation of OBD II
FILE DOWNLOAD: JAU20-01 Explanation of OBD II.pdf

TECH NOTE - JAU20-07 Explanation of HDMI
FILE DOWNLOAD: JAU20-07 Explanation of HDMI.pdf

TECH NOTE - JAU20-11 Ammeters and Shunts.pdf
FILE DOWNLOAD: JAU20-11 Ammeters and Shunts.pdf

ANTENNAS - Indoor TV Antennas and limitations
FILE DOWNLOAD: 2010 Catalogue File - T.V antennas.pdf

Inverters - Usage suitability

ALARMS - AVGAD Made Easy 2009 [updated 18/9/2009]

ALARMS - AVGAD Hints 2011 [updated 1/7/2011]
FILE DOWNLOAD: Avgad notes 2011.pdf

ALARMS - Melcom ST8008 workshop hints - UPDATED
FILE DOWNLOAD: ST8008 Melcom workshop hints.doc

ALARMS - Melcom 6600 installation notes
FILE DOWNLOAD: Melcom 6600 installation notes.doc

ALARMS - AVGAD Alarm Software

COMPONENTS - Using LEDs It's easy!
FILE DOWNLOAD: Using LEDs - Its easy (JA).pdf

AUDIO - How to make your own FM Trap
FILE DOWNLOAD: Jaycar - How to make your own FM Trap.pdf

VIDEO - Video Formats Update

IDC - Insulation Displacement Conncetor

COMPONENTS - Common Three Terminal Semiconductors - Data and Connections
FILE DOWNLOAD: 3termdev.pdf

COMPUTER - Networking Basics
FILE DOWNLOAD: networks.pdf

PCB - Etching Your Own PC Boards
FILE DOWNLOAD: pcboards.pdf

TELEVISION - Solving TV Reception Problems
FILE DOWNLOAD: tvrecept.pdf

BATTERIES - Battery Terms & what they mean
FILE DOWNLOAD: battglos.pdf

POWER - Why car amplifiers use DC - DC converters
FILE DOWNLOAD: caramps.pdf

POWER - DC - DC Converters: A primer
FILE DOWNLOAD: dcdcconv.pdf

POWER - Understanding and using DC - AC Inverters
FILE DOWNLOAD: inverter.pdf

POWER - Wiring 240VAC Plugs and Sockets
FILE DOWNLOAD: plugs.pdf

POWER - Power Adaptors or 'Plug Packs'
FILE DOWNLOAD: plugpack.pdf

BATTERIES - Primary Cells and Batteries
FILE DOWNLOAD: battprim.pdf

BATTERIES - Using and charging Nicad batteries
FILE DOWNLOAD: nicads.pdf

BATTERIES - Using and charging SLA Batteries
FILE DOWNLOAD: slabatts.pdf

BATTERIES - Choosing a rechargeable battery
FILE DOWNLOAD: recharge.pdf

AUDIO - Design and make your own Hi-Fi Speaker Crossovers
FILE DOWNLOAD: crossovr.pdf

AUDIO - Understanding Decibels
FILE DOWNLOAD: decibels.pdf

AUDIO - Earth Loops and Hum
FILE DOWNLOAD: humloop.pdf

AUDIO - Impedance Matching: A Primer
FILE DOWNLOAD: impmatch.pdf

AUDIO - 3-Pin XLR Connector Pinouts
FILE DOWNLOAD: plugnxlr.pdf

COMPUTER - IEEE 1394 (AKA 'Firewire' & 'iLink')
FILE DOWNLOAD: firewire.pdf

COMPUTER - Computer connector pinouts
FILE DOWNLOAD: plugnskt.pdf

COMPUTER - SIMMs and other memory modules
FILE DOWNLOAD: simms.pdf

COMPUTER - USB: The Universal Serial Bus
FILE DOWNLOAD: usbbus.pdf

COMPONENTS - Resistor and Capacitor Data
FILE DOWNLOAD: rescode.pdf

COMPONENTS - Magnetic materials and Ferrite Definitions
FILE DOWNLOAD: ferrites.pdf

COMPONENTS - Fuses: A short primer
FILE DOWNLOAD: fuseprmr.pdf

COMPONENTS - Leds and Laser Diodes
FILE DOWNLOAD: ledlaser.pdf

COMPONENTS - Optocouplers - When and how to use them
FILE DOWNLOAD: optocoup.pdf

COMPONENTS - Polyswitches - Low cost Overcurrent Protection
FILE DOWNLOAD: polyswit.pdf

COMPONENTS - Varistors (MOVs) - Low cost Overvoltage Protection
FILE DOWNLOAD: polymovs.pdf

COMPONENTS - Variable Resistors or 'Pots'
FILE DOWNLOAD: potprimr.pdf

COMPONENTS - Relay Driving Basics
FILE DOWNLOAD: relaydrv.pdf

COMPONENTS - Choosing a replacement Transistor
FILE DOWNLOAD: transubs.pdf

RF - Australian Analog (PAL) TV Broadcasting
FILE DOWNLOAD: austtv.pdf

RF - Frequency, Wavelength and the EM Spectrum
FILE DOWNLOAD: spectrum.pdf

VIDEO - Video Signal formats explained
FILE DOWNLOAD: videosig.pdf

VIDEO - Understanding and using CCD cameras
FILE DOWNLOAD: ccdcams.pdf

Units & Conversion Tables
FILE DOWNLOAD: unitconv.pdf

Meter Shunts & Multipliers
FILE DOWNLOAD: shuntmul.pdf

Power Locking kits for cars
FILE DOWNLOAD: powrlock.pdf

Ohms Law and Power Measurements
FILE DOWNLOAD: ohmpower.pdf

The IP Equipment/Enclosure Rating System
FILE DOWNLOAD: iprating.pdf

Heatsink Basics
FILE DOWNLOAD: heatsink.pdf

Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required to view the PDF file and if you don't already have a copy it can also be downloaded FREE from the Adobe Web Site.

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