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Why are we still No.1 for kits? Well, apart from lots of other things we are still enthusiastic about building them.

While our competitors abandon kits, components and the electronics hobbyist to sell toasters and hair dryers, we at Jaycar remain firmly committed to the people who are as enthusiastic about electronics as we are.

We've introduced a whole new range of educational kits to introduce young minds to the wonders of science and electronics. In addition, we've added 20 new kits to the range for 2009 plus some updated versions of some tried and true designs.

As usual we do not skimp on quality with our kits. We supply 1% metal film resistors, high quality MKT style plastic capacitors and IC sockets where appropriate.

Jaycar sells kits all over the world these days. We can't afford to let someone down whether they are in Birmingham, England or Birmingham, Alabama. The kit that a customer receives in Melbourne, Florida, USA is the same as the one delivered to a customer in Melbourne, Australia.

That's why we're still No.1 for kits!

Happy soldering.

If there is a kit you can no longer find in our stores, you may find them here in our Kit Back Catalogue.

Got a new kit idea or maybe a kit suggestion, email us at

Most kits are successfully constructed with few problems. However, we recommend that if a kit builder does not have enough knowledge to diagnose faults, that the project should not be started unless assistance can be obtained. Unfortunately, one small faulty solder joint or wiring mistake can prevent a project from operating, which would take hours to locate and at normal service rates the service charge could well be more than the total cost of the kit. If you believe that you may have difficulty in building a kit (which is simply a complete set of separate parts made up to a list provided by the major electronics magazines) and you cannot get assistance from a friend, we suggest you return the kit to us in its original condition for a refund under our satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately, kits cannot be replaced under our satisfaction guarantee once construction has been commenced. However, should you find any faulty parts (only), we will gladly replace them under warranty.

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