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Answers to our frequently asked questions are listed below. Please contact us if your question is not listed

CATALOGUE: Does Jaycar have a Catalogue?
The 516-page Colour 2012 Jaycar Catalogue is now available. Click the 'Jaycar Printed Catalogue' button to the left of the screen.
CREDIT CARDS: Which cards do Jaycar accept?
The Australian website accepts payments by Mastercard, Visa and AMEX

The New Zealand website accepts payments by Mastercard, Visa and AMEX

Canada, UK and USA websites accept only Mastercard and Visa
DATA: Where can I find semiconductor data?
A download icon will appear on any product in the product database which has a datasheet. Otherwise, you can select the 'SEMICONDUCTOR DATA' button on the top right menu.
EMAIL: How do I change my email address?
You can change your email address by logging into your account and clicking on the button called "My Profile" which is located on the top right.
MINIMUM ORDER: What is the minimum order value?
For Australian orders, there is a minimum order value of $10.00
For NZ orders, there is a minimum order value of $10.00
For UK orders, there is a minimum order value of 10.00
For USA orders, there is a minimum order value of $25.00
For Canadian orders, there is a minimum order value of $30.00

The website will give you a warning if your order is below the minimum order value but it will still let you through. Please be advised that if the order falls below the minimum order value, Techstore has the right to decline the order.
OVERSEAS ORDERS: Do you deliver to Overseas?
Overseas delivery can only be sent by air. Please remember, you may have to pay customs and importing charges at your end (if applicable). We cannot supply full customs documentation, but all parcels include required custom dockets. Should you require for any reason goods to be returned from outside Australia it is essential that customs documentation is included. If customs dockets are not included it can be a costly exercise to have the goods cleared by Customs and the customer must pay this charge. Failure to include customs documentation may result in long delays.
PASSWORD: I enter my Email Address and Password, but I can't log in.
Enabling cookies in your browser settings should solve this. For instructions to enable your cookies, please see your browser documentation.
PASSWORD: I've forgotten my password.
Enter your email address into the Email field at the top of the screen and click the GO button. Follow the instructions to retrieve your password. Alternatively, simply press the "GO" button on the top right hand corner.
RETURNING GOODS: Can I return goods straight away?
You will need to contact a Jaycar salesperson before returning any goods.

SEARCHING: How to get the most out of your search
PROBLEM: Too many results
A: Be more specific. If you find that your search word has produced too many results, refine your search by adding a descriptive word (adjective). For example, if you were to type in "LED", you will get over 400 products! However, you can narrow down your search by adding a description word such as "UV LED" or "Ultra Violet LED".

A: Use the non-abbreviated form. Words like "LED", "IC", and "CB" will produce some 'strange' results because they are part of other words. For example, if you type in "IC", you will get microphones, picture viewers, etc, not just IC's. Try searching for "integrated circuit", or "CMOS IC"

PROBLEM: Not enough results or nothing found
A: Be less specific. Perhaps you have been too specific in your search. Eg. You might have typed "5mm ultraviolet 10uA LED". This is too specific - try removing some of the words to make your search less specific. Eg "5mm Ultraviolet LED" or "ultraviolet LED". The best words to remove would be the technically specific ones like '10uA' or the dimension information like '5mm'

A: Check your spelling. Everyone makes mistakes! If, for example, you've typed 'doide' instead of 'diode', the search engine will not find it. You can check the spelling of your search by looking at the page that returns the following message: "No products were found that match the keyword(s) doide. Please try another search keyword.

Also, try both the BRITISH and AMERICAN English versions of words - Eg. "colour" and "color", "analyzer" and "analyser"

If you have no luck finding what you want after several search attempts, please let us know by emailing us at webmaster at
SHIPPING: Where are products shipped from?
For all Australian shipments from Sydney, NSW. For all New Zealand shipments from Mount Wellington, Auckland.
SHOPPING CART: Why can't I place anything into my shopping cart?
In most cases, this would indicate that your browser has not been set up to accept cookies. Please refer to your browser documentation to enable cookies.
What is the warranty/refund policy on Techstore only items?
Techstore only items have a standard 3 month warranty. These products can be returned for repair.

They can't be returned for a refund.

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