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Customer Service
If you need help at any stage, please contact our Techstore Staff. Let us know what your issue is, send it to us, and we will reply as soon as possible.

The email addresses to use are:

Techstore Australia
Techstore New Zealand
Techstore United States and Canada
Techstore United Kingdom

Alternatively, you may call:

Techstore Australia Free Call 1800 022 888
Techstore New Zealand Free Call 0800 452 922
Techstore United States and Canada Free Call 1800 784 0263
Techstore United Kingdom 0800 032 7241

Is this your first time?
If this is the first time you’re visiting the website, please click on the “First Time Visitors” link on the listing.

Having Technical difficulties?
If you are experiencing Technical difficulties with the site, try enabling cookies on your browser. Failing that please email the Webmaster.

Got a question?
Find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

What happens Behind the Scenes
1. Jaycar receives your encrypted order securely via the Internet
2. You receive confirmation email of your order
3. The Techstore staff print and verify your order
4. A picking slip is generated by data entry staff
5. Your goods are picked
6. Your order is checked
7. Your order is then packed
8. Your order is placed in dispatch

Upgrade Your Browser
The Jaycar Web Site is designed to take advantage of the best new features of both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you experience any problems when trying to use the Jaycar web site, you may need to upgrade the version of your internet browser.

Free upgrade versions are available for download via the Internet.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer go to:

For Mozilla Firefox go to:

Add Jaycar to your Favorites
Make sure you add Jaycar to your Browser's Favourites list. It will reduce the number of clicks in order to view the home page.

For Internet Explorer users:
- Visit the Jaycar home page then click Favorites
- Click Add to Favorites...
- Click Add

Mozilla Firefox:
- Visit the Jaycar home page then click Bookmarks
- Click "Bookmark this Page"
- Click Done

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